Work beside the theatre

writing/journaliste - languages/translater - TV/film

Since 2000 Member of the Syndicate of journalistes Czech Republic + IFJ (International Fed. of Journalistes)

Coop with:,,,  Divadelní noviny etc.

Professional translater: English, French, Russian (mainly theatre, culture, art, social art and social work and lactation healthcare)

References: festival Dance Prague, Check Point Art - Art management, National Theatre - State Opera Prague, Merkuzio Agency Pilsen, Thomayer Hospital - La Leche League

Professional journaliste and TV presenter, actress and voiceover.  


2014-18 TV Prilepy/presenter + voiceover 

2015 Mamon, speaking role journaliste

2013 art movie from Paris Blue (dir. Geir Brungot, N)

2005-7 TV presenter, journaliste + news

2003-5 Actual 11, presenter, journaliste/ UPC

2000 talkshow Sauna, scipt-writer/ TV Prima

1999 Eldorádo, dramaturgy, script writer/ TV Prima

1997 Šém, main role, student´s film 60ˇ

1996 Ciferník, presenter, script-writer/ Czech TV